What is CausEcho?


We simplify the process for increasing civic engagement, mobile fundraising, and cause awareness.

We are providing an integrated cross platform application that provides tools to broaden the means for advocacy groups to fundraise, mobilize, organize, and engage supporters.



All the Advocacy Tools You Need

Increases Connectivity and Cause Awarewness

Amplifies Event Participation and Fundraising

Engages and Empowers  Activists

Expands  Audiences and Supporters

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Amplifying Advocacy 
Empowering Engagement

CausEcho allows potential activists to discover and support various causes with donations and actively participate in location and proximity based events.


Website and mobile app users can discover and explore live and past event content from advocacy groups' event pages. The event attendees produce this content by  uploading and sharing their own real-time video and photo footage. This increases awareness for cause oriented events. 

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CausEcho puts it all in one place. A smart, integrated, multi-channel set of advocacy tools that talk to each other—while simultaneously broadening the means to fundraise, promote, organize, and engage communities.

CausEcho is a civic media, mobile and web platform that allows advocacy groups to create, mobilize and livestream civic events including demonstrations, rallies, fundraisers and disaster relief efforts.

Visit our activist content streaming web platform: http://causecho.com 

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